Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee

As Proud As Lucifer

Ongoing project

Human desire for belonging is an inherent universal reality. It contorts, shifts, and manifests in various forms, its omnipresence amongst humankind is innate and primal. As Proud As Lucifer is a personal articulation of such a desire to find a cultural belonging, a search for a connection that runs beyond biological and racial similarities. Disconnected from her roots as an Other in the West, Lee’s desire to pave her way back to her roots surfaces as an instinctive, integral act of self-discovery, of reconciliation. A native from Singapore, Lee negotiates the Anglo-colonial history that has affected her family’s bonds, movement and memory. Taking on the role as an archaeologist, she unearths fragments of her Self, a step toward piecing back a bigger whole.

Coming soon in 2019.

*    *    *

Obsessed with fear; losing memory in a kind of collective amnesia. But who owns this bougainvillea shrub off the East Coast highway? Who, can claim this imagined mind palace? Can memory, perhaps, offer constant change on the places and times through which we have been journeying? When memory remains; would it matter more in gaining a false sense of belonging—or—an extorted, emaciated form of disconnect? Does the sense of place and face even matter anymore?

*    *    *

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